Thursday, November 21, 2019

Place Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Place - Research Paper Example In the book, Tropic of Chaos, the author, Christian Parenti talks about the core issues and critical problems associated with the harsh environment of East Africa, ‎US borders and mountain region located in Afghanistan, as well as the political turmoil with reference to Rio De Janeiro slums. The book presents quite a compelling description of the bloody war and political turmoil faced by the regions under discussion. This historical analytical account provides insight on episodes of terror and transformation through ‎fact-based knowledge in support of the new worlds where there could be melting glaciers meet beautiful rivers and ‎abundance of refreshing green grass. The author portrays a realistic for the readers that are ‎basically outside of the privileged US class. Parenti’s hardnosed journalism describes the issues ‎related to climate change from a personal perspective and divulges the discussion of the issues that were not explored so deeply by any other writer in such a detailed and analytical manner (Parenti 154). Globalization has impacted both positively and negatively on society and corporations, in which the negative impacts have hindered realization of human dignity and moral values (Nwaogaidu 9). A person’s confirmation of human dignity is influenced by the realization of moral development and its negative causes, and this is what drives an individual to seek achievement a world where an individual’s dignity is entirely valued. The poor in Nigeria thought that because of belonging to a certain ethnic group, a particular neighborhood, or a particular background of education, they were weak to stand up against their poverty. Subsequently, it was a question of whether the poverty was due to overpopulation or vice versa, or individuals became poor because of bearing too many children, or they had created large numbers of responsibilities on their own that they could not

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