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A Business Research Proposal on International Recruitment...

Executive Summary When business organizations go international, they have to face a number of challenges in their business and functional level strategies. The recruitment and selection of employees for new business projects is one of the leading challenges in the international human resource management. The major issues which international recruitment and selection brings for an organization include; selection of countries for hiring individuals at different organizational levels; deciding salaries and components of compensation packages for host country nationals, parent country nationals, and target country nationals; managing cultural diversity at the workplace; eliminating gender discrimination and sexual harassment for female employees and decreasing their high rate of absenteeism and turnover; arranging training and development programs for new employee; and encountering competitive and industry pressures in international recruitment and selection. This paper presents a business research proposal on international recruitment and selection. It starts by identifying the research question and highlighting the core objectives of this research study. The main body of the paper discusses the research question in the light of the most relevant literature on international recruitment and selection. The major focus of the paper is towards identifying and explaining the different factors which make the international recruitment and selection process a challenging task forShow MoreRelatedFactors That Influence International Recruitment At Various Organizations Essay1950 Words   |  8 Pages Research Proposal Analyzing the Factors that Influence International Recruitment at Various Organizations in London Kyssia De Oliveira 1422050 Brunel University. â€Æ' Analyzing the Factors that Influence International Recruitment at Various Organizations in London 1. Problem Statement Recruitment can be regarded as searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organization can select the most appropriate people to fill its job needs (DowlingRead MoreThe Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Essay1342 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Research Proposal Luis A. Santiago-Gaetan The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Introduction to the Study For several decades, literature has suggested that multinational corporations (MCNs), transnational corporations (TNCs), and or international business companies (IBCs), are among the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in the history of the world (Tirimba Macharia, 2014; Bouquet Birkinshaw, 2008; Fuchs, 2007; Cohen, 2007; Stopford, 1998; Meleka, 1985; Hawkins, 1979)Read MoreHr Recruitment Practices For Hiring Employees Essay1594 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive Summary For a few decades of their existence, HR Recruitment was primarily used by corporate industry for hiring employees. Under these conditions, recruitment process was not paid lot of attention. But now, a huge number of ordinary companies are following the typical recruitment process, HR Recruitment is approaching not too far off as a conceivably drift. The necessities of HR Recruitment inside an organization have experienced real changes in the most recent quite a few years. KnowingRead MoreJob Descriptions Essay1463 Words   |  6 Pagesrevised and are hopelessly outdated. As a general, Marvin is responsible for all HR management matters. Since Marvin has to clear new projects with Alta, he needs to prepare a brief proposal that can be used to seek approval of new job descriptions. Importance of Job Descriptions Whether youre a small business or a large, multi-site organization, well-written employee job descriptions will help you align employee direction. Alignment of the people you employ with your goals, vision, andRead MoreResearch Proposal1447 Words   |  6 Pages(Hons) Business Administration and Management Cohort January 2013 Module Title Business Research Issue and Anylysis (Module code BAMG 2104 ) Assignment Topic/ Title Research Proposal Name of Instructor Dr Michael Ng Name of Student 1) AU Kwan Tai, 2) Chan Yan Ki, 3) Choi Chak Pan, 4) Chong Ka Chun DMU Student No. 1) P13014477 , 2) P13014523 3) P13014614, 4) P13014628 Group No. Date of Submission 25 Feb, 2014 DMU Business Research Methods Research Proposal 1.Read MoreProblems Faced By Hr Department For Selecting Employees Through Social Media3506 Words   |  15 Pages - MRES Research Proposal - By Harsh Ravani - Student NO- 2329071 Table of contents: 1- Topic identity 1.1- Research aim 1.2- Research objectives 2- Literature review (Background) 2.1 Creation of social media and its demand in the world 2.2 Companies that are using social media as tool for recruitment and selection of employees. 2.3 Which websites are used by these companies? 2.4 Important Phases of Recruitment and selection through social media. 2.5 Advantages of recruitment through socialRead MoreProject on Recruitment Process at Consultancy Firm6298 Words   |  26 PagesA Project On â€Å"Study on Recruitment Process† Human Resource Management Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. HRM can also be performed by line managers. HRM is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employeeRead MoreCase Study2414 Words   |  10 PagesSTRATEGIC HR MANAGEMENT STUDENT WORKBOOK International HRM Case Study By Fiona L. Robson Project team Project leader: Project contributor: External contributor: Editor: Design: Fiona L. Robson Bill Schaefer, SPHR Nancy A. Woolever, SPHR Sharon H. Leonard Courtney J. Cornelius, copy editor Terry Biddle, graphic designer  © 2008 Society for Human Resource Management. Fiona L. Robson Note to Hr faculty and instructors: SHRM cases and modules are intended for use in HR classrooms at universitiesRead MoreCoca Cola Human Resources Suggestions Essay1612 Words   |  7 Pages(â€Å"Coca-Cola At A Glance: KO101 Video and Infographic,† 2016). Also, Coca-Cola has more than 700,000 system associates among branches, and ranked in top 10 private employers (â€Å"Coca-Cola At A Glance: KO101 Video and Infographic,† 2016). As an international leading beverage company which is one of the top 10 employers in the world, it would be complex for Coca-Cola to manage the human resources. Hence, our firm has some suggestions to help Coca-Cola improve the human resources management and solveRead MoreHr Department of Ptcl3977 Words   |  16 PagesPlanning amp; Working | 9 | 8. | Recruitment Policy | 10 | 9. | Recruitment and Selection Process in PTCL | 11 | 10. | Training and Development | 16 | 11. | Performance Appraisal | 19 | 12. | Conclusion | 20 | 13. | Recommendations | 21 | 14. | References | 22 | List of Figures | Fig. No | Title | Page. No | 1. | Hierarchy of HR department | 5 | 2. | The Recruitment and Selection Process | 15 | 3. | Methods for scholarship

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Teenage Pregnancy Is The Most Exciting Time Of Their Lives

For most women, pregnancy is the most exciting time in their lives. Over the next nine months, they spend this time deciding the baby or babies’ name, decorating the nursery, eating healthy, relaxing, daydreaming about delivery, fantasizing about bringing home her baby and such much more. Some women want to know the gender of their unborn child and others want the gender to be a surprise. But one thing they all have in common is they all want a healthy, ten fingers, ten toes baby boy or girl. Sadly, this is not the case for a lot of women. Some babies are born with obvious disabilities, and others with disabilities the become noticeable over time. The disabilities can come from several things that occur at conception (genetics) to things†¦show more content†¦Occupations are â€Å"activities†¦of everyday life, named, organized, and given value and meaning by individuals and a culture† Occupations are meaningful for the child and are based on social or cultu ral expectations or peer performance.†, page S46. Additional roles of an occupational therapist stated in the article are, â€Å"In early childhood (birth–8 years of age) and school-based settings, occupational therapy practitioners use their unique expertise to help children and youth with and without challenges prepare for and perform important learning and developmental activities within their natural environment. Occupational therapy services support a child’s participation in activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), education, work, play, leisure, rest and sleep, and social participation. Following the definition of the term occupational therapist the article discusses the Legislative Influences on Service Delivery and the Occupational Therapy Domain and Process as it relates to an occupational therapist, â€Å"Occupational therapy practice in schools and early childhood settings is affected by many federal and state laws and regulations as well as local policies and procedures.†, page S46. â€Å"Occupational therapy practitioners provide services that enable children and youth to organize, manage, and perform theirShow MoreRelatedThe Real Experience of Teen Pregnancy673 Words   |  3 PagesTeen pregnancy said in one of his quotes that â€Å"Teenage years are already feel as youre being judged by everyone, add a big belly and it all gets worse.’’ It was the first day of our last year of high school. Everyone had these mixed feelings about the first day. Students were excited, nervous, lost in thoughts, and what not. I was standing near my lock er, texting my best friend . Suddenly the front gate opened and the girl named Alice entered and what I saw totally blew off my mind. The most quietRead MoreTeen Mothers Experiences1027 Words   |  5 PagesMost people think of pregnancy as being an exciting moment in life to experience the joy of parenthood. Parenthood is something that all committed married couples look forward to and hope for. This concept is usually thought of by adults that can manage to support a family and acquires a strong partnership with a lifetime companion. Commitment is one of the key concepts to successfully raising a child. However, this exciting news turns into a tragedy for an unexperienced teenager undergoing pregnancyRead MoreEssay Teen Pregnancy1403 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst? There is many causes for teen pregnancy. They lead to the need for the desire of love by another person. One might have a poor home life and would want something like their peers have. A teen may have a low self-esteem and simply be looking for acceptance. However, many teens that have a wonderful family and are very confidante arnt looking for the few minutes of pleasure. As several teens use the excuse that sex feels better without a condom pregnancy is likely to occur just because of thatRead MoreYouth Problems826 Words   |  4 PagesAdolescence: freedom or problem? 2) Addictions. 3) An active sex life and its consequences. 4) Teens-exploiters. 5) Juvenile delinquency. 6) Youth subcultures. 7) The period of risks. It is said that adolescence is the most exciting and striking period of life. It seems that teens have no problems, as they don’t work, take care of their families or have any other responsibilities. On the one hand, it is true. Besides, having become a legal adult, the young people are readyRead MoreIs Abortion A Violation Of Privacy?934 Words   |  4 Pagescleaned linen while your partner’s scent is sweet yet sensual as they kiss and caress your body. The foreplay is indeed exciting and right when the two of you are about to reach the point of the start of an incredibly night, you both realize that none of you have condoms. This is a moment that you especially want to capture yet you are unwilling to possibly become a parent just yet. Time to take a trip to the nearest drug store! When asking the cashier for the item you and your partner are in need ofRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy And Its Effect On Children s Decision Making998 Words   |  4 Pagesissues most parents worry about during this stage of development. Teens are learning about sex from friends, movies, and television shows where it is glamorized and seen as something fun and exciting. What they negate to show is the negative aspects of premarital sex, and what comes with making such an important decision before marriage or even prior to reaching the proper maturity level. As a result, instead of focusing on their high school education, they are instead dealing with teen pregnancy, sexuallyRead MoreAlize Johnson. Mr. Sidney. British Literature . March 27,1280 Words   |  6 Pagesstations. Whether it’s talk about the latest teen pregnancy shows, child pornography, or teenagers who freely exploit sexual content about themselves on the internet, teen sexuality seems to be a debate that people all over the world can’t seem to get over. In the world of 2017, constant acknowledgement in social media indicates that the topic is important. From my personal experience of being a highschool student with classmates who are soon-to-be teenage mothers , the awareness of sexuality in teenagersRead MoreCulture and the Mass Media1400 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals learn their groups culture by experience, observation, and instruction. Mass media does impact enculturation, this may not necessarily be a good thing. Yes, as a society people are advancing into new technology and this may seem very exciting and futuristic, but with our new mass communication devices people are sending the wrong message to our culture and especially our children. The big thing in today s media is sex. Sex is no longer a delicate issue on television. According to CommonSenseMediaRead MoreImportant Facts About Teen Pregnancy2682 Words   |  11 PagesImportant Facts about Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is an underage female between 13 -19 that becomes pregnant. During pregnancy, many females drop-out of school to deliver and take care of their child. There are many issues which occur with teenage girls during their pregnancy. The top three issues are emotional, social, and health problems. There are many thing that you can do to avoid becoming pregnancy abstinence as an option, sexual pressure, and Clarifying the values and setting boundariesRead MoreGender Identity And Its Effect On Society1464 Words   |  6 Pagessustain certain shocks Those words placed over the gender of the female were motivating factors that generated the athlete. Though degrading, I believe encouraging. Coubertin’s words were also influential to the world of sport, impacting the lives of many women, and possibly causing a setback to women’s rights. A rights based understanding of sport and physical activity has been present since the founding of the United Nations. In 1948, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights set out a framework

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Social Problems Study Guide Essay - 2025 Words

1. Which of the following was once deemed criminal in China but is not anymore? a. Consuming Pork b. Making a Profit c. Birth Control d. All of the Above Answer: _____ 2. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Marquita says that she wants to be a lawmaker who determines what is legal and what is criminal. As such, Marquita wants to be involved in the: a. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy b. Recidivism Rate c. A Ponzi Scheme d. Political Process Answer: _____ 3. Despite opposition, the Supreme Court made abortion legal in the U.S. This illustrates the Courts: a. Deterrence b. Retribution c. Power d. Incapacitation Answer: _____ 4. Grace is graduating from college and she has†¦show more content†¦b. The more likely it is that he or she will be charged with subsequent violent crimes. c. The less likely it is that he or she will drop out of school. d. None of the Above Answer: _____ 18. Which of the following is true regarding rearrest among juvenile delinquents? a. Girls are more likely than boys to be rearrested. b. Girls are less likely than boys to be rearrested. c. Girls and boys are equally likely to be rearrested. d. None of the Above Answer: _____ 19. Bay Bays father was a pimp and his mother was a prostitute. As such, Bay Bay grew up in an environment where prostitution, drug use, robbery, assault and rape were seen as a normal part of life. This reflects: a. The Cosa Nostra b. Organized Crime c. A Delinquent Subculture d. A Ponzi Scheme Answer: _____ 20. Brittany works in the cashiers office on campus. She steals money from her job and thinks that she deserves the stolen money because she has not received a raise in 2 years. This illustrates a(n): a. Technique of Neutralization b. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy c. Criminal Enterprise d. Organized Crime Answer: _____ 21. Rashida is an accountant. She has been skimming money off of the payroll for the past 7 years. This is an example of a(n): a. Organized Crime b. White-Collar Crime c. Status Offense d. Property Crime Answer: _____ 22. Amir is a jewel thief who prides himself on his skill andShow MoreRelatedMy Philosophy of Education824 Words   |  4 Pagesof learning they will be capable of learning useful and meaningful knowledge for the endurance of their lives. Successfully educated students will have made the transition from having their learning experiences guided by a teacher to being able to guide themselves through the process of learning. Moreover, successfully educated students will not only have developed the competence to learn, but will also have developed the character necessary to learn. Because my philosophy of education is progressivismRead MoreHuman Services Professional Case Study Essay811 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Services Professional Case Study BSHS 355 September 16, 2014 Human Services Professional Case Study In this paper, the role of a social worker will be addressed. A Human Service professional has, in its hands, the responsibilities in the life of the clients and families they meet. The tremendous and arduous responsibilities they take on include, but are not limited to, the well-being and care of people and their communities. Such roles can be helping others manage the care ofRead MoreClinical Case Study and the WHO Disablement Model Essay641 Words   |  3 Pagesfield to help guide clinical reasoning and the delivery of evidence based practice throughout the continuum of care. Valley Health Rehabilitation Services provides clinicians with opportunities for profession growth and development, as well as opportunities to learn from peers. Specifically, case studies are used within the systems as a useful problem-solving tool that enables clinical reasoning and subsequently guide treatment. FOCUSED CLINICAL QUESTION: The current VH Case Study format beingRead MoreCultural Differences Between Their Own Country And Throughout The World923 Words   |  4 Pagesrepresentations. I would like for my students to be able to look at a map and understand all the symbols, keys, and how a map truly works. I feel the students should be able to solve a wide variety of problems that may be associated with a map. Students will be using a set of skills associated with social studies but almost every subject as well such as literacy and mathematics skills. Some skills that the students will be using are visual literacy and building on their spatial sense, where students readRead MoreHow Teachers Integrate Psychological Concepts into the Classroom1459 Words   |  6 Pagesteacher because behavioral problems can be an issue if not controlled; misbehavior is usually indicative of underlying psychological issues and can interfere with and impede all students’ learning. Thus, understanding behavioral managemen t can help in mediating the aforementioned challenges. For instance, if one student has a behavioral problem and has frequent outbursts that cause disruptions to the class, a student’s learning ability can be hindered. Behavioral problems need to be addressed, andRead MoreEssay about The Generalist Practice: A Balance of Art and Science1515 Words   |  7 Pages The art of promoting a functional world and society is not as simple as solving a problem, rather it requires one to study, understand, develop, evaluate, apply, and assess the most suitable methods for promoting the overall well-being of the individuals, groups, communities, and organizations in the macro environment. Human beings are the product of our environment, nature, and nurture, thus the generalist practitioner must strive to understand the interrelationship among such agents of influenceRead MoreThe Social Ecological Perspective Of Children, Young People And Their Families1330 Words   |  6 PagesThis st udy will examine the social ecological perspective of children, young people and their families and will demonstrate how this perspective can help in developing practice. It will do so by describing the Social Ecological Perspective by using the Ecological model introduced by Urie Bronfenbrenner (K218 learning guide 3, section 3.1) and demonstrating how the model is adapted and practiced within different frameworks like the Scottish Government framework ‘A Guide To Getting it Right for EveryRead MoreThe Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Grade 7 Students1711 Words   |  7 PagesCHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Based on the studies today , social media has influenced students to rely on the accessibility of information that is available on the internet .The students are reduced on focusing on their learning as well as on retaining the information. In the Philippines the quality of education is getting low because of the short period of education ,so that’s why the K to12 became was born. The K to 12 Program covers  KindergartenRead MoreJonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal949 Words   |  4 PagesOne important way in which the author engages the audience’s attention and tries to help his readers see deeper political, moral, and social truths and problems is through his use of irony. â€Å"A Modest Proposal† is a satire that is aimed at helping Swift’s contemporary readers to recognize how cold and calculating blunt rationalism is when used to address social problems such as poverty and overpopulation. In this short story the narrator is an ironic person. He is an ironic character because he appearsRead MoreStudy Habits1010 Words   |  5 PagesChapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Responsible gaming is an attitude the students need if they were to engage into playing computer online games. Developing this attitude is not a personal choice alone, it required the participation of the society. As time continues to run, our world keeps getting more advance and modernize and until now, it doesn’t stop. One of the finished products of modernization is the machine called computer. Since it was invented and being developed, it

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Kyresha LeFever Essay Example For Students

Kyresha LeFever Essay I.D. #000497782 History 1610October 6, 2003In Cheikh Hamidou Kanes novel, Ambiguous Adventure he addresses manyproblems. Such as the cultural and social choices that Africans facedduring the colonial era, how education played a major role in the Europeancolonization area. The one that is most surprising is the role of the MostRoyal Lady. She is highly respected by everyone, including the male leadersin the Diallo family. But her role is very unusual, she is a woman andwomen of this time had no place in a leadership position. More and more women are rising to the leadership challenge, even in some ofthe most male-dominated industries. The increase in the number of womenattending university, in the workplace or starting their own business hasdemonstrated to men who own businesses that women can be both managers andmothers, thus showing their male counterpart that women can in fact do itall. This paper will show the history of women, as well as the challengesthey face. In conjunction with the Most Royal Lady in Kanes novel, theleadership styles of women will also be discussed. A number of events have occurred over the last twenty-five years or sothat have resulted in the rise of the female in the work-for-pay world. Beginning in the mid-1970s, women began going to business school andearning their Masters of Business Administration and, as a result,building on that education and gaining work experience. The days of the oneincome family are over. Females need to be armed with a university orcollege degree to be a contributor to this centurys model of the familyunit and in this time of education inflation, the demand for highereducation is growing at a staggering rate. In the corporate sector, thegeneration of women who entered the corporate world two to three decadesago have blazed the trail now followed by ever-growing numbers of women. Just as in Kanes novel, women whom hold leadership positions will behighly respected. While women continue to make progressive strides toward equality, fewhave risen to the highest positions-leading companies to the newmillennium. Fortunately, women can now demand equal treatment in theirrespective organizations as a result of the aforementioned changes inhistory. Many women in African culture still have set backs, and are unableto demand equal treatment. There is a vast amount of evidence that womentend to occupy less powerful, lower paid and lower status organizationalpositions than men. These divisions not only occur vertically, but on ahorizontal scale as well. Women who seek to enter management levelpositions fight against stereotypes, discrimination, and myths, not tomention the fight to balance work and family. They have also beenoverwhelmed by unfamiliar products, skeptical clients or customers, guytalk, a scarcity of female associates and little or no empathy. SheilaWellington, President of Catalyst, a non-profit organization for theadvancement of women to co rporate and professional leadership, said in aspeech on October 23, 1996 to the Economic Club of Detroit in DetroitMichigan:Let me be clear, I believe that most obstacles to womens advancementto the top are not intentional, they are a result of unexamined assumptionsabout womens career interestsand of policies and practices that have existed unquestioned over time inthe corporate culture. With real commitment to change, the situationis remediable. (,)Perhaps, the glass ceiling that women are under is not the intent oftheir male counterparts. I believe that it is the socialization of men andwomen in our society that has lead to this imbalance in the work force. THE 12 STEP APPROACH TO ALCOHOL ABUSE-DEPENDENCY, EssayReciprocity is key in executing effective leadership. Women focus alot of their energy and time in maintaining and building relationships withthe people around them. Reciprocity is one of the components of building arelationship, reciprocity also leads to predictability and stability inrelationships, which can keep both relationships and negotiations frombreaking down. Reciprocity is described as having the willingness to becooperative and an unwillingness to be taken advantage of. To foster collaboration encompasses what women leaders are. Thesharing of information and resources is, again, like second nature towomen. This is through their socialization. That is not to say that allwomen possess these characteristics, but it is based on the majoritythrough studies and extensive research. Building trusting relationships isthe embodiment of the female psyche. Without trust in the people aroundthem, their effectiveness as a leader, employee, wife, mother or friend isnon-existent. Women strive for trust in the people they connect with ondaily basis and they strive to be trusted. Trust is at the heart offostering collaboration. Its the central issue in human relationshipswithin and outside the organization. It is a universal fact that women are exemplary listeners. It is thekey in understanding the people you work with. To understand what isimportant to them is crucial to a successful business relationship. To knowwhat an employee needs to feel fulfilled and to work to capacity, superiorlistening and communication skill are necessary. Celebrating accomplishments are also a fundamental practice in leadership. As mentioned previously, women are more likely to celebrate accomplishmentsand provide immediate praise to successful subordinates, unlike their malecounterparts. Women are drawn to creating social support networks. Onceagain, womens socialization comes to the forefront. Females are taught byexample that to be happy and fulfilled you need your own little supportnetwork made up of friends and family. When women have problems or needadvice they immediately call upon their network for assistance. Unlike men,who by nature, tend to withdraw and put the decision making process solelyon their own shoulders. Although women do possess many of the characteristics of effectiveleaders, they are not prone to lead by example. As Kane shows the MostRoyal Lady is a leader and well respected in that position. Due to theclash in the scheduling of work and their personal lives, women are tornbetween being a driven leader and being an effective leader in the home. But, again, gender is not always the determining factor in leadershipcapabilities. There are exceptions to each of the rules outlined withinthis paper. It is important to take note that there are male leaders thatpossess each of these qualities and are superior leaders. Alternatively,there are men and women who possess little or few of these characteristicsand have still risen to the top of their ranks in terms of leadership styleand capability.

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History of Death Penalty in Texas Essay Example

History of Death Penalty in Texas Essay During the historical era in the state of Texas, the use of the death penalty was common and frequent; before 1923 districts carried out executions themselves, in the form of hanging. However in 1923 the state of Texas prepared every execution to be carried out by the state in Huntsville using the electric chair as the method of execution. The state of Texas put to death their first prisoner by electrocution on February 8, 1924 and there were four more executions following the very first one on that date. The inmates that were sentenced to death and the areas that the executions were taken place were located in the Huntsville division from 1928 to 1965, and the last electrocution was carried out on July 30, 1964. This state electrocuted a sum of 361 inmates from 1924 to 1964. During the changes and views on capital punishment in the year of 1964, there were legal disputes regarding the death penalty that resulted in the de facto moratorium on executions in the United States. During these challenging times on June 29, 1972 in the case of Furman v. Georgia the United States Supreme Court ruled that each states capital punishment law in the U. S. was illicit since the death penalty was unjustly used and arbitrarily assigned. During that time there were 52 men in Texas awaiting execution, however the governor overturned all their sentences to life in prison and there wasn’t anyone left on death row by March of 1973. Even though death row was cleared and the inmates received life sentences, the state of Texas approved a new statue in1973 to regulate how capital punishment was assessed. We will write a custom essay sample on History of Death Penalty in Texas specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on History of Death Penalty in Texas specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on History of Death Penalty in Texas specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In 1974 with the new statue, jurors began enforcing death sentences and the number of death row inmates began to increase once again. In 1977 Texas implemented lethal injection as a form of execution and the first lethal injection was administered on December 7, 1982. Even though executions were put on hold for awhile they resumed in 1982. The following year there weren’t any administered, however throughout the next eight years there were an average of five executions a year. Over the next century 43 prisoners died by execution. In 1989, the United States Supreme Court agreed that in the case of Penry v. Lynough jurors are permitted to think about justifying facts, for example mental retardation and child abuse, when enforcing capital punishment. A number of inmates were vacated as an effect of this choice. The Texas legislature revised the sentencing instructions given to jurors in 1991, ending in a three-question format and its used present day. In 1992, the rate of executions increased rapidly and over the next four years there were 62 inmates executed which means on average there were fifteen executions per year. In 1995 the Texas legislature approved a regulation that required certain death-row appeals to be organized at the same time. The reason for this was to minimize the time that inmates exhausted on death row awaiting appeals, the effect of this caused executions to cease while being appealed. During the months that followed, March 1996 to January 1997 there was only one inmate executed. Although the laws were challenged, once everything resumed, over the next three years 92 executions took place. In 1998 seven prisoners that were serving death sentences attempted to escaped the prison and all except one inmate was captured. This particular inmate was already wounded when fled the grounds and a couple weeks later he was found dead in the Trinity River. In the year of 2000 there were quite of few issues that came under inspection regarding the death penalty. It was said that capital punishment was unkind, unjust to minorities, and it led the country in executions, which means Texas executed more people than all the other 37 states with the death penalty combined. With these outrageous numbers there was a component available that wasn’t available prior to these executions; it was the advancement in DNA testing. It was decided that DNA evidence should be retested in cases where the defendant could have been in doubt of guilt. With this being said in 2001 the legislature passed a law assuring DNA testing to any damned inmates whose innocence could possibly be protected as a consequence. Since the numbers of execution has declined per year from the high 30’s to the low 20’s but this doesn’t have anything to with the advancement in the use of DNA. Furthermore, in 2005 the Supreme Court limited the claim of capital punishment when it ruled that inmates who committed capital offenses when they were a minor could not be put to death. Also Texas altered the law so that the prison term for capital murders would be life in prison and ineligible for parole instead of the death penalty; by using this method the outcome that would reflect less inmates being placed on death row and more inmates serving life. This method worked and usually jurors would send about 30 inmates to death row a year, however with the change in the law the jurors on send about 15 inmates to death row. As a result, the residents of death row have declined from 446 prisoners at the beginning of 2005 to 354 inmates at the beginning of 2009. The amount of prisoners presently on death row is the lowest it has been since 1992 (Carson). Current Law In the state of Texas the current law still remains the same, the local courts have authority every illegal felony case. If a person is found guilty of a capital felony, they may be sentence by death, if the State wanted punishment of that nature. Examples of capital felonies are: murder of a public safety officer or firefighter in the line of duty, murder during the commission of specified felonies (kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated rape, arson), murder for remuneration, multiple murders, murder during prison escape, murder of a correctional officer, murder of a judge, murder by a state prison inmate who is serving a life sentence for any of five offenses, or murder of an individual under six years of age. The offender has to be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of the crime, if defended is found guilty the case is appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals, and if they lose the appeal they may appeal their case to the U. S Circuit Court, and if that isn’t effective they can go to the U. S Supreme Court. When every option is used, in capital cases the Governor of the state of Texas has the authority to award the offender a 30 day reprieve of a set execution (Texas History). The inmate still has rights until he dies. On the last day if life he is allowed one final meal and that final meal will be administered at approximately 3:30 p. . to 4 p. m. Prior, to 6 p. m. , the inmate may take a shower and dress in clean clothes. Everything that is needed and all the preparations for the execution to be carried out will be completed at a prearranged time. After 6 p. m. , the door will be unlocked, and the prisoner will be taken from the holding cell. The inmate will be removed from the cell location and into the execution chamber and held to a gurney. A medically skilled person that is not to be known shall insert an intravenous catheter into the individual’s arms and cause a saline solution to flow. At that point in time, the witnesses shall be lead to the execution chamber (Texas Execution Procedures and History). Method of Execution/Currently on Death Row The method of execution is lethal injection. The injection is Sodium Thiopental, the lethal dose Pancuronium Bromide, it relaxes the muscle relaxant, and lastly the Potassium Chloride which stops the heart beat. Category| State Information| State Abbreviation| TX| State Name| Texas| Death Penalty? | Yes| Number of Executions Since 1976| 462| Number of Executions before 1976| 755| Current Death Row Population| 337| Women on Death Row | 10| Date Death Penalty Re-enacted| 01/01/1974| 1st Execution After Re-enactment| 1982| Murder Rate (per 100,000)| 5. 6| Is Life Without Parole an Option? | Yes| Can a defendant get death for a felony in which s/he was not responsible for the murder? | Yes| Number of Innocent Persons Freed From Death Row| 11| Number of Clemencies Granted| 2| Region| South| Method| Injection| How is the Sentence Determined? | Jury| Location of Death Row(s)| Livingston (Women: Gatesville)| Clemency Process| Governor must have the Board of Pardons and Paroles recommendation for clemency. Discussion In my opinion I feel as though the state of Texas has zero tolerance. If a person commits a crime the punishment will be harsh and swift. I think that the way this particular state administers the death penalty is ridiculous. As I stated previously there were 93 executions that took place in the course of three years and I feel that at least ten percent of those inmates were probably not g uilty or couldn’t afford a decent lawyer to represent them so they ended up on death row. Once the state began to get scrutinized by the public they took a step back and began to pay attention to the high numbers of executions that took place in there state. However those laws were set in place that only minimized the numbers slightly and the jurors still chose to place prisoners on death row. Currently there are 337 people on death row waiting to die. This number in my opinion is rather large and most of those people will not make it to the set date to die for the most part. Jurors are ready to send people to death row at any given moment as long as the offender meets the death eligible crimes. They are not considering how expensive it is to hold someone on death row. Currently there are 337 people on death row and the average cost per day to house an inmate on death row is $59. 98. So if you take $59. 98 multiply that by 337 inmates you will get $20,213. 26 to house 337 death row inmates a day; let’s take it a step further and multiply $20,213. 26 by 365 days in a year and that equal $7,377,839. 90 to house 337 prisoners on death row a year. I can take this information another step further by saying the average time a person is held on death row is eight years and ten months and that amount equals to about $59,040,713. 20 to hold an inmate on death row (Texas Department of Criminal Justice). I know may factors come into play, for death row inmates such as some inmates may die, others maybe found innocent, and some could possibly receive a lesser sentence, however the likelihood for that miracle to happen and it puts a dent in the number of prisoners on death row is probably not going to happen. All of this money is being spent on these specific inmates this isn’t even factoring in the cost of the administering the execution or the amount to hold an inmate in prison who is just serving a form of sentence. The state and government puts all this money into a broken prison system and really is just wasting money on killing someone who killed someone. Overall I feel that the death penalty is too expensive; however I am a religious person so I can’t really say if I’m for or against capital punishment, because I feel that no one man should have the power to inflict pain or cause death towards a person. GOD is the only one who has the power to give and take and he is a forgiving GOD so why should someone feel they need to inflict death on another when GOD has possibly already forgiven them, especially when our government and or court system is held â€Å"In GOD We Trust†. Personally the system is one big ball of contradictions, but who am I to judge that. I have had family members killed and yes I do want them to be punishment but would I want to see them die because of what they have done I don’t think I would, so maybe I am saying I’m against capital punishment, however there’s exceptions to every rule. One thing I can’t take is someone to harm a child. Children are innocent and loving; they don’t have any clue about fear, anger, hate, or pain. So for a person to take a child life in any way is unacceptable and that’s the only time I would have the slightest idea of putting someone on death row other than that they could rot in prison while becoming someone’s girlfriend. Does this statement make me a hypocrite possibly, but I have a daughter and children are my soft spot and that in my opinion should be the only death eligible crime. Conclusion Overall, I feel as though the death penalty is put in place like any other law. This is an historical fact that probably will last for a long time. During this research I’ve learned so much about the state of Texas, dating back to the early nineteen hundreds. It’s interesting to see the world evolve and how things changed but in a way they don’t, everything just advances. My view of the death penalty and capital punishment will never change and given these facts that I’ve learned from this research it just helped me understand why I feel the way I do now. This is a broken system that we citizens have to depend on, changes need to be made swift and quickly, the same way the State of Texas executes a person, that’s how the system needs to change and improve for the sake of America and everyone that living in it. Hopefully one day the system can work together and flow without any concerns or problems that seems to occur in our system often, however I don’t see the day where that will happen anytime soon.

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Simulacra essays

Simulacra essays The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth it is the truth that conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true. Ecclesiastes. How does the above statement apply to representation of the real in art? In direct translation, simulacrum of any form threatens the difference between true and false. Simulation is to feign to have what one do not have, thus implies to an absence. Religion is seen as a simulacrum. The idea of it is not tangible nor comprehends physical truth. It is something that is made real by its believers, not something that is believed in because it is physically real although it can be real. The simulacrum is seen as the represented truth. According to Jean Baudrillard, simulation is the substitution of signs of the real for the real. Simulacra convey signs that no longer represent or refer to an external factor. They stand for nothing but themselves, and refer only to other signs. Baudrillard points out very clearly how our modern culture is being affected by images and other similar encouragement from media sources and simulations rather than what is considered real and how it becomes what is real to us by perception. Baudrillard clearly defines how various things like Disney, multi-media advertising and many other sources have replaced the provocation of the real for us and how our media culture has become our reality. The above statement which state, The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth, which means its not an agent to hide the reality and its not feigning any truth. It however does confuse the relation between the real and imaginary. The simulacrum becomes our reality as how it is being presented to us. We got absorbed by the simulacrum that we tend to believe it is the reality and weve accepted it. It is the truth that conceals there is none, since we took the simulacrum as the truth...

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Position paper base on a recent issue related to the constitution and Research

Position base on a recent issue related to the constitution and the executive branch - Research Paper Example d effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized† (Dahl, 2003). It is all about privacy in the search and seizure provisions of the 4th amendment. The amendment simply provides protection against searches and seizures in criminal investigations by federal or state law enforcers that are unreasonable in nature. Any evidence obtained in a criminal investigation case in the course of search for seizure is unlawful if it cannot be of use at the court trial of the individual from whom the evidence was confiscated (Billias, 2009). In the Fourth Amendment, for an arrest or search to take place, the warrant must be approved judicially. Basically, searches must plainly be reasonable and the warrant necessity ought to have been clearly stressed and pointed out. The Fourth Amendment is only applicable to governmental searches and seizures in criminal investigations but not to the ones done by private establishments or nationals who are not acting on behalf of a government. I am in support of the Fourth Amendment due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the amendment is beneficial to citizens because it offers them protection against governmental actions that are unreasonable in nature (Harper, 2007). For instance, particular guidelines have to be met in the issuance of a warrant for it to be considered legal and must be strictly complied to protect the citizen and the law enforcer. Those who framed the constitution saw that intrusions by governmental agencies in cases involving criminal investigation encroached on the rights of the public. In previous times, it was common for officials to harass average citizens who had no means of preventing searches and seizures that were unwarranted. The 4th Amendment is of great importance as it constitutes legal representation of